NovaView 6

While looking through some blogs today, I ran across Ella Maschiach’s blog post about some of the new features of Panorama NovaView 6. At my last client, I spent almost 2 years implementing NovaView 5 reports and dashboards. During those two years, there were good days and there were bad/fustrating days with NovaView 5. Right before I left I saw early demo’s of the new flash components that were coming in NovaView 6 and even at the early stages, they looked amazing. From Ella’s post, it looks like Panorama is finally adding some of the flash and functionality that should continue to make it one of the best BI tools on the market for the enterprise.
Here is the post

2 thoughts on “NovaView 6

  1. Hi Kearney. My name is Navi and I am the CEO of Panorama. I am glad you liked Ella’s post. So did I. here is a link to our Flash Analytics client (it doesnt have all the functionality in it, as it is hosted and not running on a real BI system now, but can give you a good insight to what we have). I am always happy to get feedback from customers and partners, so if you even wanna share the good/bad and the ugly, I am always open to listen.

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