Windows Phone 7 Series

I am a cell phone junkie. I love having the latest and greatest phones. I should correct myself and say I love having the latest and greatest smartphones. From the Palm Treo to the Touch HD. I also love the Windows Mobile platform. I was always on the lookout for the newest ROM on xdadevelopers so that I could have the latest features on my phone. However, when 6.5 came out I was not that impressed. Yes it looked better than 6.0 but not that much better. So eventually I switched over to an Android phone (HTC Hero). Loved it immediately, but all the while I was thinking "why doesn’t Microsoft just take the Zune HD interface and make it into a phone". Well my wish came true with the Windows Phone 7 Series which was introduced on Tuesday by Microsoft at the Mobile World Conference.
In short, this new mobile OS from Microsoft is awesome! Combining the best of Zune, XBOX Live, Social Networking and a phone into a simple, easy to use interface. I can’t express how excited I am over the 7 series. Currently it is due out around the 2010 holiday season and if it lives up to what was presented and more, then I might be saying bye bye Android and hello again to my old friend Windows Moblie.
Check out a great review by Endgadget

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