Is MDX going the way of Cobol?

I was reading an article on Chris Webb’s site the other day and he starts the blog off like this " Even if blogging about MDX feels, these days, a bit like blogging about COBOL (I’ll be returning to DAX soon, I promise)…..
Really Chris? Is that how you feel? Has DAX taken over already? Is MDX now old hat?
Office 2010, which is needed to even use PowerPivot and DAX, isn’t even out of beta yet and here we have one of our best and brightest MDX guru’s saying he feels that blogging about MDX feels like blogging about Cobol. This really bothers me. I have been using MDX for the past 4 -5 years and there is still a lot of things I don’t know about. In reality, there are very few people that in my mind I would classify as MDX experts and to have one of them compare MDX to Cobol to me is crazy.
First, Analysis Services isn’t going away anytime soon. Second, PowerPivot is not going to take over the world. Just to implement it you need Office 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2. To push it out on an intranet you need SharePoint 2010. I know there will be early adopters of all of the above technologies, but do people really think it is time to completely revert your attention away from MDX and SSAS to Office 2010 and DAX? From all of the demo’s that I have seen, I think PowerPivot does have it’s place, but I don’t feel that it replaces Analysis Services.
I am excited to play with PowerPivot and learn all of the new technologies and languages coming in the next year from MS, but I am definitely not forgetting the one that got us to this point.
And Chris…..please don’t stop blogging about MDX and the inventive solutions you come up with to solve real world business issues that we all face on a day to day basis.

One thought on “Is MDX going the way of Cobol?

  1. Don’t worry, Frank, I could never fully abandon MDX, my first and truest love. But I do get the feeling that as a calculation language (if not a query language) MDX is on the way out, though it pains me to say it. Take a look at Amir Netz’s comments here:!7B84B0F2C239489A!6404.entry"On multidimensional calcs – we hear you. We understand. We love both DAX and MDX, and MDX is not going away. The challenge for us is to bring them together. We have some promising directions. That said – I think you’ll see DAX evolving in new important directions that MDX will never cover, and a large and growing portion of the calc work will be done in DAX. So my advice stands: all you guys need to become DAX gurus ASAP."That says ‘deprecated’ to me…

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